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One solution, many advantages

A complete procedure in one click

Increased customer satisfaction

Fast and intuitive claims handling allowing the policyholder to be back on the road again within a few days.

Improved Bottom Line

Improve overall profitability through faster claims handling, potential outsourcing of your total losses, automation and increased sales prices of vehicles.

Automation – Fastest claims handling in the industry

Handling speed is critical to maintaining a good relationship with the policyholder. Manage a total loss case in 24h with full-on digital interaction with the policyholder.

One-Stop shop

Outsource your total loss claims handling process. We can provide professional assessors to evaluate, give second opinions and deal with complaints. Full customer service provided by phone, email & regular mail, allowing you to focus on your core business and increase profits.

Cloud-based industry connectivity

We have fully connected the industry, allowing your staff to create and manage the claims online. Our unique ecosystem automatically lists vehicles for auction to certified garages and dismantlers, plus car dealers can provide a new car to the policyholder.

Business intelligence and statistics

Access statistics on customer satisfaction, lead-time, sales prices, and much more allowing you to take your business to the next level.

Reliable, secure and certified

Your business is safe with us. We’re proud to hold quality, environmental and information security certifications ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015 and 27001:2013.

Think green

Make your contribution to a more sustainable industry by lowering the environmental impact and maximizing recycling of vehicles and their parts.

Why choose Yallotrade?

Increased revenue, quicker and simpler case handling and full transparency

With Yallotrade, we get increased revenue for our redeemed cars, quicker and simpler case handling and full transparency in all dealings. We always try to offer our customers good value for money insurance, so Yallotrade’s system is a really positive solution for the customer’s finances, which makes for happy customers, and it also helps us to expand in the insurance market.

Karolin Bernås, Claims Manager, Gjensidige

Thanks to our cooperation with Yallotrade, we have enhanced customer experience and increased customer satisfaction at Moderna. At the same time, we’ve improved our operating margins making it possible to deliver products with higher customer value than our competitors.
Together with Yallotrade, we look forward to further improvements and new innovative solutions for our insurance policyholders.

Mattias Arreflod, Moderna Försäkringar

With Yallotrade, we get higher returns from our repurchases, faster and easier case processing, and complete transparency of all transactions. We always want to offer our customers low-cost insurance, so Yallotrades system is a very positive solution with better economy and happier customers, which supports us in our expansion in the insurance market.

Karolin Bernås, Leiter der Schadenabteilung, Vardia

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