One solution, many advantages

A complete procedure in one click

Satisfied customers

Thanks to our computerized interface, your customers benefit from simpler and faster communication with your insurance company. Money is paid out within 24 hours on average. Every customer receives a Replacement Car™ proposal.

Easy disposal

The system takes care of the disposal process.
– Pre-auction ads
– Auction
– Post-auction payment cash flows
Transparancy and accurancy allows for our buyers to raise their bids up til todays market value.

Better finances

The service results in better finances thanks to shorter processing times per case, increased sales revenues from redeemed cars and helps your claims department to use its work time more effectively.

Less environmental impact

Environmental impact is reduced by a more intense usage of used auto parts and redeemed cars are transported shorter distances.

Efficient case handling

We propose an IT system with support that handles evaluations, settlements, contracts, change of owner, credit redemption, sales and simplified cash flows. The system improves follow-up of redemption procedures and gives faster and more efficient case handling.


 Mattias Arreflod, Moderna Försäkringar

Thanks to our cooperation with Yallotrade, we have enhanced customer experience and increased customer satisfaction at Moderna. At the same time, we've improved our operating margins making it possible to deliver products with higher customer value than our competitors.
Together with Yallotrade, we look forward to further improvements and new innovative solutions for our insurance policyholders.

 Karolin Bernås, Claims Manager, Gjensidige

With Yallotrade, we get increased revenue for our redeemed cars, quicker and simpler case handling and full transparency in all dealings. We always try to offer our customers good value for money insurance, so Yallotrade's system is a really positive solution for the customer's finances, which makes for happy customers, and it also helps us to expand in the insurance market.

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